Friday, March 13, 2009

My blog-3/13/09

The math exam part 1 was very easy if you ask me. No i do not find nothing difficult about the test. I think that the test was not hard because i knew all the things on it. To me part 2 was hard. Part 2 was 105 times harder than part 1. I'm not that good in explaining stuff. On part 1 a 3 part 2 a 2 thats what i think. I toke as long as possible because i was not rushing things. Yes i did go over the answers 3 times.

I think i did good because i already knew everything and I'm good at it to. To me nothing was difficult about that quiz. I think that i past the pop quiz today. I found nothing difficult. I think my grade will be a 3. I feel that i was very prepared for this test because i studied.

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