Friday, May 29, 2009

1. I learned more about my dream job
2. Electrical engineering

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Using a I MOVIE is easier that doing it on paper i felt that the project was very easy and fun. The best part of creating a I MOVIE with a group is that it's easier and I'm with my friends so it makes i fun. I think that my classmates thought that my I MOVIE was overall good. I think the changes that I should makes is talking slower and minor mistake.

I fell that the other videos made minor mistakes too, and did not explain their character. I think that our video was the best because we explained our character real good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do i have to think about a career now??

Math, Career day, Dot2Dot

I think that a career is a good thing in life. A career gives you money and could put food on your table. A career is important because It can lead you into big things and you might become famous. I Think this project is important because without a career it lead of to being a bum. Yes i planed my future already doctor, pilot, engineer.

Ms.BEntley monster 5/5/09

I feel that Steve Harmon is innocent, I think that Steve is innocent because he just went to the store to pick up some mints and the law blamed him for murder. To me i think that he wasn't apart of that situation they just blamed him because he was waving and the law thought that he was waving to say the coast was clear. I think the robbery occurred by James King trying to rob a store. I think that James & Osvaldo did it not Steve. I think that Steve did know BO BO but but wasn't all that cool with him. I don't think he is friends with either one.

The friends that i hang out with are not snakes like Osvaldo and King my friends influence me good cause none of them are that bad. Steve's friends Influence him in a bad way because look at the situation that he is in now. No I've never been in a situation like that. It is important to choose your friends wisely because you could never know who you can run into.

I think that Steve is being negative influence by is friends because he look like a good person and Osvaldo is part of a gang and king is a no life. I think that they have nothing in common.