Thursday, April 30, 2009

Profile Reflection

Math Dot2Dot

The career that i would like do have is a basketball player. The three careers i would like to have is a Basketball player, Baseball, and a pilot. The reason why i would like to be a basketball player because it is really fun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jonathan math 4,28,09

Jonathan is a seventh grade student who has special interests and abilities in school. He described his grades as average in math, average in science, above average in reading, and average in social studies. He seems to have several areas of interest. His primary interest appears to be in fine arts. He seems to like color, texture, and creating products, by drawing, painting, or participating in set and costume design, or graphic layouts. He may also be interested in photography.

Jonathan 's second area of interest appears to be in video/photography, as he seems to enjoy photography, making a movie, or creating a video.

Jonathan 's third area of interest appears to be in athletics. He seems to like physical activity and may be interested in learning about sports, nutrition, physical therapy, or sports medicine.

Jonathan also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Jonathan has very clearly defined learning preferences. His preferred instructional style is through working in groups, as he enjoys working together with other students in or out of class. His second choice of learning style is independent study in a topic of choice. Although he does like working independently, Jonathan may be interested in sharing some responsibilities for this project with a small group of other interested students. It may be necessary for his teachers or other adults to help him with this independent work, as the final work may result in an advanced product, such as an experiment, a video, a service, a technology product such as a powerpoint, or an oral presentation. Jonathan also enjoys lecture, as he likes to listen to interesting information presented to large or small groups of students by his teacher or another adult.

Jonathan also has a preferred product style. That is, he has certain kinds of products that he likes to complete. His first product choice is musical. He enjoys listening, playing, and/or thinking about various forms of music. His second choice of product style is artistic as he likes to draw, paint, or sculpt, and may also enjoy choosing colors and working with design or texture. Jonathan 's third choice of product style is technological, as he enjoys photography, using computer technology, and integrating media in a number of different and interesting ways.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Center 3 4/27/09

Yes I think racist is still alive. Some people don't like blacks and some people doesn't like white people. No Ive never got judge about my color. Steve went through allot stuff in that court room I think allot of people was racist to him.

Yes sometimes I think that other court rooms in New York city can be racist. Not all minority's can get away with trials. I don't think that Steve is going to get away with his trial because their is allot of racist people going against him. I think O'Brien doesn't like Steve at all.

I think that some people in the court systems can be racist to win trials. I think that not true their is allot of black people are smart

Friday, April 24, 2009

CW 4/24/09

The language that we use could be sometimes be bad and could. I call people names when they start with me but other than that i don't. Um like every other day not everyday every other day. Sometimes but other times they always start with me so. I see people being called names every day. Their nobody i know that they call gay. I think allot of people get teased.

I think Petrocelli called Steve a monster because he was blamed for murder. I think right now Steve is a sloth he is innocent. I think Steve feel bad that people is calling him a monster. He cant do nothing because he is on trail. Sometime i would if people blame me for murder. I think Steve is not a monster and he is innocent

Yes i think that the jury thinks that Steve is a monster because they keep blaming him.

Monday, April 6, 2009


The game I enjoyed the most today was __basketball_______________. In order to play the game I had to _answer questions___________________. My Score was _i aced it______________. I liked this game because _my favorite sport is basketball_____________. To play this game go to this link __yea.________

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was _baseball________________. In order to play the game I had to __answer questions__________________. My Score was _aced it______________. I liked this game because _baseball is my second favorite _____________. To play this game go to this link _yea_________

The game I enjoyed the least today was _personification practice________________. In order to play the game I had to _do multiple choice___________________. My Score was __8 of 11_____________. I least liked this game because to much work______________. To play this game go to this link __________

Friday, April 3, 2009


How do we solve proportions by using cross product?

If you want to find a proportion you have to cross product or cross multiply. 8 4 that will be proportional. - * -
5 3

The thing that you cannot find a proportion without two fraction because it will not make any type sense. The reason why you need to have two fractions because you need to cross multiply.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I learned that hyperbole's are like word the over exaggerates with the sentence. For example, "i tried a million times". People use hyperbole to make the statements more exciting and with more energy. I a day the hyperbole that i would use is "i tried this a million times". Mines is a personification. It is my favorite because i like bringing non living objects to life they deserves to live to LoL.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


An idioms is a phase whose meaning cannot be determined by the literal definition of the phrase itself. For example, It's haling cinder blocks and I'm broke.