Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All my poems

Click clack cool kid is back
34 street we go with the stacks
old navy H&M
sweaters pants i get all of them
I'm allergic to cats

Pitch Pitch
I get ready
easy pitch ill smack it
Home run

Jonathan is brown
But acts like a clown
So what can you do
you cant sue
so live your life and just frown

Dribble, Dibble
Cross over, flash
Shoot the three pointer BAM!!
The three pointer fast as an eagle

RACISM is not a great thing
it go's all the way back to Martin Luther King
Whites and blacks are not the same
they want to let us down and take the fame
black slaves use to be crushed like sardines
don't matter who you are adult or teens
Whites treated us as like we were pets
does cowards just want to see upset
Hide under sheets like if they were rats
Guess what... Blacks came back )-:THE END:-(

Open Mike
Jordan, Ervin, and magic
you see them play you'll be instatic
Larry Bird 3pts are crazy
to play basketball you can not be lazy
It's a safe sport dont need to panic

Open Mike
the future and the past
hit a homerun to a pitch thats fast
click clack Jackie Robinson hits the ball
the Racist calls their not here at all
base ball is not racist anymore at last

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