Friday, February 13, 2009

My favorite hobbie poem

Jonathan Dickens 2/13/09 Ms.Bentley

Dribble, Dibble
Cross over, flash
Shoot the three pointer BAM!!
The three pointer fast as an eagle

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


RACISM is not a great thing
it go's all the way back to Martin Luther King
Whites and blacks are not the same
they want to let us down and take the fame
black slaves use to be crushed like sardines
don't matter who you are adult or teens
Whites treated us as like we were pets
does cowards just want to see upset
Hide under sheets like if they were rats
Guess what... Blacks came back )-:THE END:-(

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shirley Chisholm

Jonathan Dickens Ms.Bentley
February 6,2009 702

I learned allot of things about this wonderful African American women that tried to run for president, she was a very brave lady. The thing that I do today was see picture and watch videos of the American icon SHIRLEY CHISHOLM. I feel that Shirley Chisholm was a very brave women. It's not only that she is a women she is African American too and that's what is so amazing about her. Yes I will like to learn about Shirley more she is a very intelligent women.

I think that Malcolm X thought that Shirley was a little bit like him. Malcolm X fought for Racism and Shirley fought for women's rights. The most black historic moment person that i know is Martin Luther King. But i will love to learn more about Shirley. Like i said this is a month for African Americans to stand up and say I'm colored and I'm proud.

I think that African Americans was not treated like how they are treated now whites did not respect them. K K K used to slave them. Hillary Clinton and Shirley those are the only women that i know who ran for president. Shirley was not scared to stand up and say women's should have rights to run to.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jonathan Dickens Ms.Bentley
February 5,2009 702

Today I learned about the Great Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the African American rights speaker in history. Malcolm X was a aggressive talker he fight for African American rights and the K K K. I feel that without Malcolm X we would all been scared of K K K's. He told us not to be scared of K K K because he said that they are cowards and all they do is hide under sheets.

I feel that black history month is a time for African American to stand up and say I'm proud of my skin color. Thats what I think about black history month. The black historic person that I know most about is Martin Luther King. The most best words that came out of Martin Luther King was "I HAD A DREAM THAT BLACK'S AND WHITES WILL MAKE PEACE". That this is the day that black history is most know for and that this is a day that MLK,Malcolm X, and Barack Obama will make history.

I have. Yes I did read a poem by a black author the books are really grrrrreat. I plan to read a next one of these day. Rudy Bridges is a great author. I love writing poems they make me express myself that is why i like them.