Friday, February 6, 2009

Shirley Chisholm

Jonathan Dickens Ms.Bentley
February 6,2009 702

I learned allot of things about this wonderful African American women that tried to run for president, she was a very brave lady. The thing that I do today was see picture and watch videos of the American icon SHIRLEY CHISHOLM. I feel that Shirley Chisholm was a very brave women. It's not only that she is a women she is African American too and that's what is so amazing about her. Yes I will like to learn about Shirley more she is a very intelligent women.

I think that Malcolm X thought that Shirley was a little bit like him. Malcolm X fought for Racism and Shirley fought for women's rights. The most black historic moment person that i know is Martin Luther King. But i will love to learn more about Shirley. Like i said this is a month for African Americans to stand up and say I'm colored and I'm proud.

I think that African Americans was not treated like how they are treated now whites did not respect them. K K K used to slave them. Hillary Clinton and Shirley those are the only women that i know who ran for president. Shirley was not scared to stand up and say women's should have rights to run to.

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