Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jonathan Dickens Ms.Bentley
February 5,2009 702

Today I learned about the Great Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the African American rights speaker in history. Malcolm X was a aggressive talker he fight for African American rights and the K K K. I feel that without Malcolm X we would all been scared of K K K's. He told us not to be scared of K K K because he said that they are cowards and all they do is hide under sheets.

I feel that black history month is a time for African American to stand up and say I'm proud of my skin color. Thats what I think about black history month. The black historic person that I know most about is Martin Luther King. The most best words that came out of Martin Luther King was "I HAD A DREAM THAT BLACK'S AND WHITES WILL MAKE PEACE". That this is the day that black history is most know for and that this is a day that MLK,Malcolm X, and Barack Obama will make history.

I have. Yes I did read a poem by a black author the books are really grrrrreat. I plan to read a next one of these day. Rudy Bridges is a great author. I love writing poems they make me express myself that is why i like them.

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